Friday, December 15, 2017

NuckelHeads Update For 12.15.2017

Hello, knuckleheads! (that's the traditional spelling...;p)  It has been a while.  We've had a busy year here acquiring new vendors and getting our hands on some new and awesome products.  The site has also undergone a slight redesign.  We still have that slick, urban feel but it looks better and is easier to navigate.  Let me know your thoughts.

It's the end of the year and that means...inventory time.  Yuck.  A necessary yuck.  I'll be working hard on that for the next couple of weeks.  Unfortunately, that means that inventory will be spotty on categories as I plow through it.  If you have any questions about whether or not something is in stock please shoot me an email.  You check out the NuckelHeads page on Facebook and send me a Facebook message also.  Whatever you decide, I will get back to you.  Remember to check the NuckelHeads store on as I may have what you are looking for there.

This next year is going to bring some increased focus to NuckelHeads.  There are a few categories that I've done really well with so I am really going to try to hone in on stocking as much as I can.  I will continue to carry other categories as well but in the Pop! Vinyl and Urban Vinyl, Action Figure, and UFS Trading Card and Pokemon Trading Card I am really going to try to bring in as much as I can.  Probably 3x as much in these categories when compared to any other.  So, think as NuckelHeads as your destination station for these items!

I've been posting on social media-Facebook and Instagram-when I list new items so keep your eyes on Facebook, NuckelHeads to stay up to date.  That's it for now but I've got some really cool updates coming.  Stay tuned!

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Sunday, May 31, 2015

NuckelHeads Toys Times 5.31.2015

Okay.  So, I love toys.  I do.  I really do.  I admit it.  Cool-looking, poseable, highly articulated toys. RC vehicles.  Action figures.  Lego's...  All of that.  I also love things that are visually stupendous. You know?  The type of things that you can just stare at for hours looking at every single, intricate detail.  Color that pops; clean lines, etc.  It's the main reason why I love comics: a singular, unique art form that is, most times, stunning in it's detail and pure artistry.

Don't you get perturbed when people say comics aren't art?!  Or graffiti (which I admit can also be vandalism-which is illegal and wrong)?  I've got a female co-worker that likes to bug me with that! And she's an artist! I'm fond of her though.  Despite her lack of artistic common sense.  Anyway, how can they not see the artistry?!  People.

Back to my point: toys, artistry, comics...three of my favorite things.  Now, for some reason I've been missing the Play Arts Kai series of action figures.  I don't know why.  I can't explain it.  I mean I've known that they looked cool, but beyond that, I wasn't really paying much attention.  But, last week the Spider-man Play Arts Kai Action Figure pre-order hit me like a bomb.  The very next day a co-worker was randomly talking about the Play Arts Kai Action Figures and for the first time I really started paying attention.  Whoa!  These figures are off the cha~in!  I know this is not news to those of you out there that are already collector's, but, I was stunned!  Have you seen these works of art?! Check it:

You see that Iron Man?!  How about that Predator?  I mean, I don't even know!  But, here's a thing that may not be anything...  These figures cost more than your average action figure.  I think they are worth it you?  Should I stock them?  Make them available to you all, or just get a bunch for myself and call it good?

Imagine these figures in your collection!  Generally they are highly articulated and come with a high-quality base and multiple accessories.  They are a true collector's figure!  I'd like to get your thoughts on this one so let me know!  Respond to this post or shoot me an email at

I think that's all for now.  I'll be eagerly awaiting your opinions on this.  Thanks for letting me take up your time and thanks for your interest.  If there is anything that you would like me to talk about (toy, comic, or game related of course) please let me know.  Until next time!

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Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Four Points

The Four Points #1

Brand new from Aspen Comics!  What or who are The Four Points?  Find out in this brand new series. Aspen Comics at it's best.  Gorgeous art and great storytelling!

Brand new.  Mint condition.  Ships bagged & boarded.

The Uncanny Inhumans

The Uncanny Inhumans #0

New in stock at NuckelHeads Toys, Comics & Games from Marvel Comics!  The Marvel U is growing an changing at break-neck speed!  The new chapter in the saga of the Inhumans starts here!  Don't miss it.

Brand new.  Mint condition.  Ships bagged & boarded.


Shahrazad #1

New in stock from Aspen Comics and Big Dog, Inc.!

Brand new.  Mint condition.  Ships bagged & boarded.